Operation is very easy. The entire operation is carried out by carefully installed and high accuracy instruments. The abrasive rollers are manufactured with strict forming and heat treatment, giving them extra high durability and sharpness.

Since relatively low pressure is exerted on the rice grains during the whitening operation, they can be whitened without damaging the original shape and producing less broken rice. Jet air is blown from the fan to the milling chamber, functioning not only to prevent the temperature of the rice grains from rising, but also to remove bran sticking to the whitened rice.

Brown rice is whitened as it passes through the clearance between the abrasive roller and the perforated steel cylinder. The abrasive roller acts as a blade to cut and remove the bran layer from the brown rice. Reinforced pieces are attached to the perforated steel cylinder. They change the speed of the grain flow and, the same time, to adjust the grain density inside the milling chamber.

The jet air cools the rice grains to prevent temperature rice, blows off bran adhering to the whitened rice and homogenises grain density in the milling chamber.